Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recovery is Necessary

So sxsw 09 was a blast! Dj Craze/Klever, Arc Attack, Oh Snap!, Flosstradamus, Diplo, Blip Fest....
Ive been inebrehated for hte last 4 days, its almost been a blur.

I did notice the lack of free swag thats passed around. After hours and days of wandering i recieved a dollar off on a protein bar, and a sample. No free cd's, no free drinks, barely any free beer shows.

I did however run across a art gallery near 5th and Trinity. A graffiti gallery who happend to have a entire list of dubstep dj's. Did i mention the free beer? Amazing music and amazing free beer. *always*

My body and my wallet want to call it a weekend, but Barcelona is having a very special guest tonight.... ready? ... really?.... RUSKO!!

Theres a nice remix of Kid Sister by him. Woo woo
Ill be posting my pictures/video later in the day

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