Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fuck the Ghetto

-Heard gunshots outside on 2 occasions.
-Got my car broken into, longside the roommate.
-neighbor got his Flatscreen tv stolen within 30 minutes of getting it into his house
-seen a rumble happen right outside my complex...
-homeless people

Our old place is way to ghetto for my liking.
We've moved in the corner of 183 and mopac. Within the last 2 days, ive met a really cool guy named "Funk" and seen our nextdoor neighbor slap his girlfriend. The same guy also asked if i "wanted some pussy for 20 dollaz yo". Sadly this is alot better than living on Rutland.
With the deposit/rent/bills im left with 0 cash for the next week. W00t

Oh and no internet till tuesday wtfomg

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