Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Laos New Year

Happy Laos New Year!!

Went to the temple is Saginaw. I ended up staying at an Ole G's house who has been by himself for a very long time. He is known as the "hermit" of the asian community surrounding the temple. Once i retired from the festivities, Bumphutam and I went to his house to rest. Upon entering the first thing i noticed was the overwhelming smell of urine. Of course me and the ole g took our shoes off to show respect. Our feet were greeted with a layer of stale, dried, fermented urine. It felt like i was leaving a foot print every time i took a step. I almost forgot to mention that the house had NO A/C... After a few restless hours something popped into my head, "im pretty fucking thirsty". I was pouring myself some tap water when i start hearing gun shots. Two seperate "booming" noises signaled there was a shoot out, at the house across the fence... After mopping up the piss that i expelled, i woke the ole g and left at 4am.

Dear Saginaw Tx,

Stop being so ghetto. <3 dosebot

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