Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Knock Galley West

Unfortunately these guys played in San Angelo. The town might aswell be the /b/ of texas. After the show they retired at my friend felixs place. They put on a good show, and its been so long since ive enjoyed good music that i offered to get them breakfast. Including super pulpy orange juice/donuts/fruits. The repaid the favor with a free cd, which upon listening became one of my favorites.
The only way i can really explain the sound is a combination of punk/cowboy. Its like a hootenanny with zombie whores and whiskey from hell. Perhaps the only way i can express my experience with this cd.
They played show here in austin at headhunters. Surprisingly they recognized me and we exchanged well wishes, got a vinyl and took off. Great live show, great music, good alcohol w00t Click on the jump to check them out
Knock Galley West

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