Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Go Obama!

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Zan Gassiot said...

ugh, saw this on facebook today I am sorry to say.

"In my opinion, the idea of a leader is someone who can lead people to grow in their own beliefs and aid them in developing their characters and identities over the course of time. That said, Barack Obama cannot lead me.

Obama is a man who changes his beliefs, standards and loyalties as often as most people change their underwear. For over twenty years, he followed a man named Jeremiah Wright, who, under the disguise of a man of God, relentlessly lashed out at the very country Obama now seeks to run – using phrases such as “God damn America” and “US of KKK A.” All the while, Obama sat by and followed the hateful messages without protest. It was not until the story ran across the national news, however, that Obama spoke against what Wright had to say. A man who follows someone who hates the ideals he claims to uphold cannot lead me.

Obama attended an Illinois church of Christ for twenty years under Wright, which would mean he is of the Christian faith. When asked during an interview, however, what he believed in regards to God, he attempted to please the non-Christians and stated that he did not presume to have any knowledge of the subject. A man who denounces his faith in God in order to please others cannot lead me.

While Obama claims to be of the Christian faith (behind closed doors, apparently), he adamantly supports and votes for abortion (1997 & 2000). He supports it in any and all forms currently in use, including leaving live babies to sit and die after a failed abortion. He attempts to defend himself by saying that, if a baby were to be cared for after a failed abortion, that would take away a woman’s right to choose. A man who ignores his faith and supports infanticide cannot lead me.

In 1999, Obama voted for the early release of sex offenders from jail based on their good behavior while in jail. Of course, this is nothing short of pandering for their votes. Thankfully, he stood alone in his vote. In 2001, Obama refused to vote on a bill that would restrict the location of “adult-use” buildings. This allows adult video stores, strip clubs, etc. to be located near schools, places of worship, parks, day care facilities, etc. Again, this was nothing short of a pandering move for votes. A man who panders to evil cannot lead me.

Twice during his campaign, Obama has publically flown the bird against both Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Though both were somewhat subtle, they were quite clear to those who watch him carefully. The first incident against Clinton was dismissed by many as a simple, innocent mistake. Unfortunately for Obama, he decided to make his move yet again against John McCain in the final days leading up to the election. A man who engages in this middle-school behavior while asking to run a country cannot lead me.

Obama is ready to say “screw you” to 4,100 dead Americans and 300 dead British soldiers by abandoning their efforts in the Middle East. He is ready to allow their efforts to be undone overnight by retreating. A man who will dishonor the memories and sacrifices of thousands of men and women cannot lead me.

Know that these examples are few among many. Obama has won the Americans over with his promises of change and inspirational words. Unfortunately, behind the “cool” Obama you see on TV, lays this man who promotes what was unthinkable a few years ago. Most of you failed to look into what “change” means to Obama. Are you so desperate for something different that you’ll turn to someone you don’t understand, simply because they utter the word “change?”

Sadly, what was once America’s great right has become nothing more than a popularity contest in which people vote based on race, gender and who seems the “coolest.” It has become very much about image – something that is the only feature seen by most of the Americans. Few focus in on the issues and most refuse to hear the truth and facts once they surface. Obama has won over many Americans because of his celebrity status and ability to inspire with some pretty words. Well, to those who voted for him based on his speaking ability, never forget who else won over many because of his speaking ability – Hitler.

I don’t say this to compare Obama to Hitler, so do not accuse me of such. I say that to make the point that you should not vote for someone just because they inspire you with some political sweet talk. The Americans need to relearn how to sort through the endless bull and find out what those they think they believe in actually want. I hope they remember that in 2012. Until then, good luck to America and may God keep us safe during these times."