Monday, September 29, 2008

WarHammer Online

New addiction. Ive sold my Wow character to kick the old habit. Now a love has entered my life, i foresee an abusive relationship.

The game starts off with a long intro movie, which it forces you to watch every time you boot the game. There is also a UELA that you have to scroll and check each time the game boots. Ive created a Dwarf Iron Breaker, which compared to World of Warcraft a warrior. The dimensions of my character match the preconceived assumptions of a dwarf... long side the obsessive drinking and random drunken irish yelling. A feeling of guilt seems bode over my soul as i am not inebriated with mead and getting a job from a cheap Alaskan whore while playing. Some of the abilities from the vengance talent tree include a menacing glare...which deals damage. Mad cold lulz.
Im on the way to gaining 50 pounds and developing a serious acne problem. <3

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